Started in 2015, the Ohio based company, The Clozer Clothing Co., Ltd., was established as a way for business and sales professionals to purchase unique products designed to motivate, build confidence and promote networking while expressing the inner ego of our customers.

As a sales professional for over a decade, Jeremy "Pete" Kelley determined that by starting a company with sales and business professionals in mind, the CCCo. products would serve as natural conversation starters as well as networking tools for individuals and companies alike. With the ability to print your company's website or contact information in multiple locations, our customers can build their client base by being their own walking billboard or business card.

Pete clozed his wife, Laura, to function in the role of Chief Operating Officer, carrying on the responsibilities of creative thinking, general marketing, distribution, sales, and day to day operations. As the creator of our most popular tees, Laura realized that even the average person - lady, mom, wife, man, dad, husband - can benefit from a little motivation in their wardrobe.

To contact us:

Email: info@ClozerClothingCo.com

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Instagram: @clozerclothing

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